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New Super Mario Bros - Nintendo Wii (World Edition)

New Super Mario Bros - Nintendo Wii (World Edition)
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  • Platform:Nintendo Wii
  • Media:Video Game
  • Genre:Adventure Game Genre
  • ESRB:Everyone
  • Operating System:Nintendo Wii
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  • Dimensions (in):0.5 x 5 x 7
  • MPN:43224-6872
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  • Imported from Asia
  • NTSC Version for USA Wii Consoles

Editorial Reviews:
New Super Mario Bros. Wii, like all the previous releases in the Super Mario Bros. franchise is a side-scrolling platforming game where players collect coins as they attempt to make their way through progressively more difficult game levels using their ability to time jumps over obstacles and avoid a slew of enemies. But although the game contain several well-deserved nods to previous games in the series in the form of iconic characters like Mario, Luigi and two Toads, as well as familiar enemies, sound effects and levels, it is not simply another trip down Mario Bros. memory lane. Taking advantage of the flexibility and power of the Wii and Wii Remote, New Super Mario Bros. Wii manages to preserve the retro experience that fans love about the series, while adding new game features. Notable additions among these include, expansive play levels and new powerups and characters, but by far the most important, and in fact game-defining new feature is simultaneous multiplayer.
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