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VRSE Batman Virtual Reality Set

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  • Color:Multi
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  • Age:8 - 100 years
  • Size:8.50 x 4.75 x 10.75 Inches
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  • Harrowing 360˚ graphics based on the scenery and storylines of blockbuster films
  • Pulse-pounding, immersive campaigns
  • Includes the IR controller, VR headset and a peripheral attachment - simply download the free app to your smartphone and play
  • Endless Mode allows play to continue past the campaign
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

Editorial Reviews:
Enter a world with 360˚ access to Gotham City-scapes, where you have a front row seat to awesomeness! Enjoy the ultimate fusion of Virtual Reality, action-adventure gameplay and exploration, built for casual fans and gamers of all ages. This all-in-one VR experience includes one IR-powered, motion game controller, one Batarang attachment, and one 360˚ virtual reality headset.

Step into the shadowy world of Batman, on a mission to stop the Joker from carrying through his latest evil scheme. The fate of Gotham City rests in your hands as you sharpen your skills at Wayne Tech. Ready or not, it's time to stalk your enemies through dark streets. Use the game's batarang to take some henchmen down, or drop in close for intense hand-to-hand combat through the Batman-themed controller. Do you have what it takes to become Batman and save the city?
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