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Hidden Continent: Column Of The Maya (PC) (UK IMPORT)

Hidden Continent: Column Of The Maya (PC) (UK IMPORT)
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  • Format:DVD-ROM
  • Media:DVD-ROM
  • Genre:adventure-game-genre
  • ESRB:Everyone
  • Operating System:XP/Vista/7
  • UPC:880304498952
  • EAN:0880304498952
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  • Find dozens of objects, seamlessly blended into each scene
  • Solve challenging logic puzzles
  • Discover an uncharted land of mystery and treasure
  • Explore exciting, detailed locations and landscapes

Editorial Reviews:
Solve ancient riddles and overcome troubling obstacles at every turn When Sarah Oldman, a British art restorer, learns that her uncle has disappeared without trace, her quest puts her on the trail of an ancient Mayan artefact. Her investigations lead her to a secret village in Central America that could be the key to the artefacts location. However, her quest is made all the more difficult by Miguel Alvarez, a charismatic but cunning adventurer who also has his eye on the mysterious "Pillar of the Maya".
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