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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Mac

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Mac
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  • Format:DVD-ROM
  • Language:English (Unknown)
  • Platform:Mac OS X
  • Media:Video Game
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  • Genre:sci_fi_action_games
  • ESRB:Teen
  • Edition:Standard
  • Operating System:Mac OS X
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  • Dimensions (in):7.5 x 5.3 x 0.6
  • Release Date:October 27, 2011
  • MPN:644247004478
  • Model:FER447
  • UPC:644247004478
  • EAN:0644247004478
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  • Square off against some of Gotham's most notorious lunatics, including Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Poison Ivy.
  • Deploy an arsenal of upgradable gadgets, from a remote-control Batarang to a grappling gun and explosive gel.
  • Use Detective Mode to identify important objects and reveal enemies' weak spots.
  • Deliver brutal combos with the innovative Free Flow combat system.
  • Move in the shadows and strike fear amongst your enemies.

Editorial Reviews:
Welcome to the Madhouse! Descend into the core of the criminally insane as the Joker seizes control of Arkham Asylum and launches his most diabolical plot ever. The inmates of Arkham have been set free - and it's up to Batman to bring order to the chaos and take back the asylum. Using his combat skills, stealth and gadgets, it's up to Batman to thwart Joker's fiendish plans before it's too late. Batman: Arkham Asylum lets you explore the depths of Arkham Island as you experience the darkest journey of Batman's life.
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