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[Mario Bros] Silverscreen Theme downloadable Software

[Mario Bros] Silverscreen Theme downloadable Software
  • From:Renoraine, Inc.
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  • Format:.zip
  • Platform:Palm OS
  • Operating System:Palm_OS

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  • Ram Used: 0
  • Resolutions: Sony Hi-Res (320x320), Sony Hi-Res+ (320x480), Palm Hi-Res (320x320)

Editorial Reviews:
[ M a r i o  B r o s ]  S i l v e r s c r e e n  T h e m e " The Adventures of Super Mario Bros ...Right In Your Palm! " Mario & Luigi together with their hoard of lovable friends are back once again for yet another adventure. This time round, Renoraine is bringing a piece of the action & excitement straight to YOUR devices!! Revel in our latest offering from our " Games Series ". Presenting the [ Mario Bros ] Silverscreen Theme ... Check out the following special features ... - Custom Toolbar (featuring cool animated icons effect!) - Custom Rom Icons (featuring 18 hi-res graphical images!) - Custom Battery Meter (featuring Mario's life gauge!) - Custom Scrollbar (featuring a visual falling leaf effect!) - Custom Hotspots (featuring color changing mushroom effect!) ... and the extras that we've thrown in just for you ... - Custom Backdrop Pack (six (6) hi-res rendered background images!) - Custom Font Pack (four (4) fonts for that totally customized experience!) So what are you waiting for ? Wasn't this your favorite game ?! Then ... Get Customized. Download Now. It's about time you make it personal.  
In Stock