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LEGO Atlantis Guardian of the Deep (8058)

LEGO Atlantis Guardian of the Deep (8058)
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  • Age:7 - 14 years
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  • Set includes 1 heroic diver minifigure with harpoon
  • Diver accessories included: Scuba helmet, tank, harpoon shooter and swim fins
  • Features shark guardian with biting jaws, moving tail and poseable head
  • Collectible red Atlantis treasure key included - collect them all
  • 144 pieces

Editorial Reviews:
Pieces: 144

This treasure guardian packs a bite!
In his search for the red Atlantis treasure key, the deep-sea diver has encountered one of the deadliest guardian creatures of all: an enormous black shark covered in Atlantean markings! Will the diver's harpoon and swimming skills be enough to escape the shark's snapping jaws and thrashing tail with the precious key, and its clue to the lost city's location?

  • The heroic diver minifigure has an awesome harpoon
  • Red Atlantis treasure key included; collect them all
  • Fearsome shark guardian has biting jaws, moving tail and poseable head

In Stock