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iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show

iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show
  • Artist:iCarly
  • Label:Sony Legacy
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  • Format:Soundtrack
  • Languages:English (Published), English (Unknown)
  • Media:Audio CD
  • Number Of Discs:1
  • Running Time:51 Minutes
  • Discs:1
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  • Dimensions (in):5.5 x 4.7 x 0.3
  • Publication Date:June 10, 2008
  • MPN:8 3 00730987
  • Model:4034331
  • UPC:886973098721
  • EAN:0886973098721
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  • The Countdown
  • Leave It All To Me (Theme from iCarly) - Miranda Cosgrove feat. Drake Bell
  • What's Next Baby?
  • Stay My Baby - Miranda Cosgrove
  • About Me?
  • About You Now - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Build-A-Bra
  • Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
  • Sam's Second Toe
  • I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) - Good Charlotte
  • Locked In The Closet
  • I Like That Girl - Leon Thomas
  • We Hated Your Girlfriend
  • Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne feat. Lil Mama
  • Blueberry Belly Button
  • Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield
  • Gas Station Snacks
  • Face In the Hall - The Naked Brothers Band
  • You Can't Do That!
  • Let's Hear It For The Boy - The Stunners
  • Ten Things Boys Like
  • Thunder - Boys Like Girls
  • Headphones Are Huge
  • Headphones On - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Suckish Improv Game
  • Move (Nickelodeon's Dance on Sunset Theme) - Menudo
  • World's Fattest Priest
  • I'm Grown - Tiffany Evans feat. Bow Wow
  • Back To One

Editorial Reviews:
Here's all you need to know about icarly: the show... Icarly is one of the most-watched live-action premieres in us nickelodeon history - the highest-rated program on all of tv in its time slot with kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14. Icarly is tvs only scripted series ever to let kids contribute by incorporating videos that they create to showcase their unusual talents. Since its launch, kids have uploaded more than 100,000 videos to the icarly website and the site has received more than 11.6 million visits and averaged 2.8 monthly visitors in the 1st qtr of 2008 alone. Icarly stars miranda cosgrove who is now signed to sony bmg and many will remember her as the over-achieving manager in jack black's 'school of rock' movie.
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