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Gold Dinosaur Garland

Gold Dinosaur Garland
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Editorial Reviews:
Garland is all handmade using little plastic dinosaurs that have been painted gold and then strung on twine using an eye hook. Each strand of garland is about 4 feet (52 total inches) and has 20 dinosaurs total. Washi tape has been added to the ends of twine to prevent fraying. Dinos come in mix (T-rex, Pterosaur, Triceratops, etc.). Mix varies with each strand of garland. You will receive a mix of dinos similar to what is pictured. Please note that while this garland would be perfect for a child's party on in a child's room, this garland is intended to be used for decor and not as a toy. Garlands aren't just for parties! They make great home decor! Hang them on your mantle, window, wall -- really anywhere you like! -- for some added fun to your everyday life. >>>>>>>> Please note: We work hard to ensure the quality of each and every item in our shop. However, each item is handmade so no two items are made exactly alike. We try to take pictures to best represent item color and size. However, computers differ so the item you receive may look slightly different.
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