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Victorian Barbie with Cedric Bear

Victorian Barbie with Cedric Bear
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  • Language:English (Unknown)
  • Color:Please Check for Color Details in Pictures & Above in Key Product Features. Colors May Vary.
  • Size:Barbie doll is approx. 11.5" tall, & Cedric Bear is approx. 2.5" tall. Sizes may vary.
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  • Dimensions (in):16 x 7 x 13
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  • Collector edition victorian barbie with cedric bear doll is a 1999 mattel barbie collectibles production.
  • Includes: 11. 5" barbie doll w/sandy brown hair in ringlets & top braid; she has brown eyes & white button earrings & finger ring. Barbie wears a mauve charmeuse night dress & burgundy victorian style dressing gown embellished with ribbons, rosettes & white lace, & a pair of mules. Comes w/cedric bear approx. 2. 5" tall wears a mauve night cap (cedric bear is brown faux fur), a doll stand for display, & a certificate of authenticity.
  • All descriptions to the best of my ability & may not be exact; colors, styles, sizes & info may vary.
  • For adult collector ages 14" years. Caution: small parts included.
  • Collector edition victorian barbie with cedric bear doll is great for any collection or for fun play! Please check in condition note/comments for the box condition.

Editorial Reviews:
Victorian Barbie is simply striking for its attention to detail. Barbie's hair is a light brown, parted in the center, with a braid around the top of her head and long ringlets down the side. Her eyes are a light blue/gray, her lips are closed. Her dress is gorgeous. The center part is a rose satin with a fitted bodice, embroidered with a pale pastel floral design in the center and gathered cotton above. It is cinched at the waist with a thin maroon and rose double ribbon bow. The full long skirt has two tiers of lace -- one at knee length and the other at the hem. Both have maroon ribbon trim and rose and maroon ribbon flowers. The outer layer of the gown is open in the center. It has long sleeves with large lace cuffs with flowers, is maroon satin and has wide lace trim around the top and thin lace trim from the waist down to the floor. Barbie holds a charming bear with a pink satin night hat, trimmed in lace and maroon ribbon, with ribbon flowers at its tip.
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