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TAP Conditioning Khaos DTS (Differential Training System) Command Balls (Set of Four)

TAP Conditioning Khaos DTS (Differential Training System) Command Balls (Set of Four)
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  • Different Weights
  • Different sizes
  • synthetic leather

Editorial Reviews:
The Khaos DTS Ball Set is an excellent training tool for the elite throwing athlete whose desire is to become more accurate. The balls provide a means for high level pitchers to adjust, modify and experiment within their environment. This ball set can be used in discovery-based instruction that permits the athlete to discover facts and relationships for themselves based on their personal throwing characteristics. With proper use, the Khaos DTS Ball set can be a valuable tool for improving the skills necessary to adjust pitch location while achieving desired velocity. Individual training goals are accomplished by throwing with the lighter/heavier, smaller/larger ball while measuring throwing accuracy coupled with velocity. The Khaos DTS ball set provides elite athletes the tools to implement a process-oriented method to analyze and interpret how to alter delivery to achieve a particular outcome. Appropriate use can lead to complex skill acquisition under variable practice conditions and provides the athlete tools for self-directed learning and self-regulated practice. The Khaos DTS Ball set consists of four balls of differing sizes and weights: 3 oz, 7.5" Circumference, Synthetic Leather Ball 7 oz, 9" Circumference Soft-Shell Sand-Filled Ball 8 oz, 11" Circumference Synthetic Leather Ball 4 oz, 12" Circumference Synthetic Leather Ball Developed for use with Ron Wolforth's Differential Training System, The Khaos DTS Ball set provides athletes a tool that aids in retaining concepts and knowledge discovered through focused practice. They are ideal for use in training models that are based on guided discovery, problem-based learning, simulation-based learning, case-based learning, and incidental learning, among others. The Khaos DTS Ball set includes a carry bag. Shipping is free. Instructions for use are not included.
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