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LEGO Young Builders Educational Creative Building Bricks Sets

LEGO Young Builders Educational Creative Building Bricks Sets
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Set of 400 Pcs
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  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY- These bricks are professionally made with the highest quality by Lego®. Features white round bricks and colorful flat bricks. Comes with different colors of brand new and authentic pieces bricks. Suitable for children from 4 years old and above
  • ENHANCE CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS- Get your child to be creative at a young age. These Lego bricks will definitely enhance their creative thinking skills in which they can use their fantasy and imagination in building great objects.
  • PLAYING AND LEARNING- An interactive way to learn while playing. Kids love to play so gain the most from their playing, by playing this Lego bricks with your kids it is a great way of bonding learning all at once . They will able to communicate great ideas as they build objects.
  • BRAND NEW AUTHENTIC PIECES- Includes bricks in 8 colors and 7 sizes for students to design and build objects, buildings, and figures, using imagination and creativity
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We want you to enjoy your purchase. We are so confident that you will absolutely like our Lego bricks that we offer. If for any reason you are not 100% Satisfied contact our Customer Service and we will make things right for you. ENJOY YOUR NEWLY PURCHASED LEGO® BRICKS!

Editorial Reviews:

Dig into this selection of LEGO® bricks and let your imagination run away with you! The building possibilities are endless, with classic bricks in different colors and sizes. This is an ideal set to help budding builders from four years and older get creative, and would complement any existing LEGO collection. These are a great play thing to encourage children for an imaginative building. Add to your child's LEGO® collection with this great set of brightly colored classic and brand new authentic bricks. This set allows children to use their creative skills and make all sorts of life-like or imaginary figures, objects and buildings. For creating wonderful characters and animals as well as wagon bases to inspire your child to create their own vehicles. Includes bricks in a lot of lively colors and different shapes and sizes. With such a great selection of bricks, the play possibilities are endless.

? Brand new authentic Lego bricks
? Includes colorful bricks in different sizes
? Build your own unique creations with a variety of parts
? Supplements standard LEGO® bricks
? Suitable for ages four years and older

Expand your child's imagination and creativity with Lego bricks. Each model is easily built, giving kids more time for play and providing a sense of accomplishment which also help some learning values. They can use their fantasy and imagination in making and designing objects, express creative skills that involve communicating ideas.