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Shakespeare Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit

Shakespeare Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit
  • Brand:Shakespeare
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  • Release Date:September 7, 2012
  • Model:126452i-Parent

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  • Innovative kid's tackle kit encloses pre-rigged jig heads in the bobber cavity--allowing kids to cast without risk of accidental hooking
  • Bobbers are weighted to allow easy casting and less line tangling
  • Jig head sinks out of bobber once line is cast; jig head retreats back to prevent line snags on retrieve
  • Kid-friendly Spiderman, Barbie, and Cars themed bobbers
  • Kit Includes: 2 Complete Hide-A-Hook Bobbers Sets, 2 Extra Jig Heads, 3 Extra Bobber Stoppers, Gulp Waxies bait jar, Tackle Box, and Kid's Fishing Guide and Instructional Tips

Editorial Reviews:

Shakespeare Cars Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit

The award-winning Shakespeare Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit provides kids with a fun way to catch fish safely. The Hide-A-Hook bobber set comes with a jig head preset into the body cavity of the bobber, allowing kids to cast a line without risk of hooking themselves or some other unlucky fishing companion. Once the line is cast into the water the jig head sinks out of the bobber and into open waters. On the retrieve, the unique design allows the jig head to retract back into the bobber making it a weedless experience for easy transport to the next fishing hole. All in all, the Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit allows kids to spend more time fishing and less time dealing with line and hook issues.

The Hide-A-Hook Bobber Kit comes as a fully equipped tackle kit with two Hide-A-Hook Bobbers, a jar of Berkley Gulp! Waxies bait, extra jig heads, bobber stoppers, and a kid's fishing guide. The Marvel themed kit allows young anglers to throw a line with Spiderman.

Key Features:
  • Weighted bobber for easy casting
  • Weedless design for fewer line tangles
  • Pre-rigged with jig head and bobber stopper
What's in the Box?

Two Complete Hide-A-Hook Bobbers sets, two extra jig heads, three extra bobber stoppers, gulp waxies bait jar, tackle box, and Kid's Fishing Guide and Instructional Tips

In Stock