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Barbie Headphone (HP2-13059-TRU)

  • Brand:Barbie
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  • MPN:HP2-13059-TRU
  • Model:HP2-13059-TRU
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  • EAN:0021331171146
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  • Volume limiting technology for a safe listening experience
  • 18 stickers included
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Compatible with most smartphone devices and tablets
  • Barbie faceplate designs

Editorial Reviews:
Take Barbie along on your biggest adventures with the Barbie live out loud kid safe headphones! complete with Kid safe technology that includes a built-in volume limiter, you can safely jam out to your favorite playlist. The adjustable head strap and cushioned ear pieces provide the utmost comfort while you rock out with Barbie! the bright faceplates add extra flair and fun to your style. Make these headphones your own by customizing them your way with the stickers included and live out loud!
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