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Cabbage Patch Kids, Vol. 4: The New Kid

Cabbage Patch Kids, Vol. 4: The New Kid
  • Artist:Artist Not Provided
  • Studio:Funimation Prod
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  • Format:Animated, Color, Dolby, NTSC
  • Languages:English (Original Language), English (Unknown)
  • Number Of Discs:1
  • Running Time:30 Minutes
  • Genre:Kids & Family
  • Rating:NR (Not Rated)
  • Region:1
  • Discs:1
  • Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):0.22
  • Dimensions (in):7.8 x 5.5 x 0.5
  • Release Date:August 31, 2004
  • UPC:704400073922
  • EAN:0704400073922
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Editorial Reviews:
High quality stop-motion effects bring your favorite "kids" to life! Nobody ever said that being the new kid was easy.... but Norma Jean shows that everybody's special when she helps save the day in the school talent show. Join in the fun with 2 great Cabbage Patch Kids songs! The Hat Song and Find My Way to Your Heart.
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