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Dani's Choice Famous Japanese Animation Print Crew Socks

Danis Choice Famous Japanese Animation Print Crew Socks
4 Pairs
Anime 6 Pairs
Mario Bros 5 Pairs
Mascot Anime 4 Pairs
Monster Bacll 5 Pairs
Movie 4 Pairs
Pokemon Attack 4 Pairs
Pokemon Stripe 5 Pairs
Sailor Moon 6set
Stripe Pikachu 4 Pairs
  • Brand:Dani's Choice
  • Department:womens
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  • as of 4/22/2018 12:43 UTC details
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  • Color:Multicoloured
  • Number Of Items:1
  • Clothing Size:One Size
  • Size:One Size
  • Model:SN05-10-0014

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  • Get the various Socks in One Pack: One pack includes the pairs of socks on the main image.
  • Feel the Soft Touch: The socks are made with highly stretchy soft cotton blend. The touch is soft and the fit is comfy.
  • Socks for Women and Teen Girls: Women's socks but it can fit to kids upon the shoe size. To the people wearing US shoe size 5-9, it fits great.
  • Garment Care: Machine washable, Natural Dry(Recommended)/ Occasion: Perfect as a daily socks and wonderful as a gift
  • "Dani's Choice" is our trademark which is under registration in US. All rights reserved.

Editorial Reviews:

Why you should the socks from Dani's Choice?
Our socks have been loved with cute and unique designs, high quality and great package.
Sometime, small fashion items make us feel good.
Our socks will infuse daily pleasure into your life.
From the design to the quality, all aspects of the socks is wonderful.
The socks are great as everyday socks and awesome as a gift.
Add cute wit to your daily styles with Dani's Choice socks.
If you purchase our socks once, you will find you purchasing our socks again.

These socks with the Japanese animation patterns.
These socks are one of the most popular socks of our brand.
They are women's crew/ankle/sneakers/hidden socks with witty and unique patterns of Japanese animation/anime/cartoon/comics/games.
If you are a fan of Japanese animation, the series are must-have socks for you.
And these socks are not the socks only with the designs.
They also have great quality.
Add a wit to your daily fashion with these cute socks.