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LEGO Boys Ninjago 4-pc Pajama, 2 Sets, Sleeve, Long Pant

LEGO Boys Ninjago 4-pc Pajama, 2 Sets, Sleeve, Long Pant
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  • Brand:LEGO
  • Department:boys
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  • Model:F17B50NM

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  • It's a set: Get two, for this price. Two full sets of cotton LEGO Ninja go Pajamas are included. Available as sizes 4 (approximately 3-4 yr. old); size 6 (approx. 5 to 6 year old); size 8 (7 to 8 year old); size 10 (9 to 10 year old).
  • Glows in the dark: features glow-in-the-dark printing to enjoy at night
  • Fun, fun, fun: no time for sleeping, as hell spin into action with Lego Ninja go and save the world
  • Comfortable: these are snug-fit but breathable cotton pajamas, in long sleeve, long pant versions
  • Lego Ninja go movie: officially licensed Lego sleepwear

Editorial Reviews:
Join Kai, Jay, and Lloyd of the LEGO Ninja go team by wearing these pajamas featuring your favorite LEGO ninjas. Now, you can be a ninja, too, use Spinjitsu in your pajamas, and help defeat evil Lord Garmadon. Your LEGO Ninja go pajamas feature our favorite Ninjas, printed with Glow-in-the-Dark detailing, in a "two-for-one" 100 percent cotton sleepwear set, that includes a full second set of pajamas with a repeat Ninja go print included.