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Disguise Batman Lego Movie Classic Costume

Disguise Batman Lego Movie Classic Costume
  • Brand:Disguise
  • Department:unisex-adult
  • Buy New: $27.91 - $68.25
  • as of 7/21/2017 20:34 UTC details
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  • Color:White
  • Number Of Items:1
  • Clothing Size:One Size
  • Size:One Size
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):2
  • Dimensions (in):12 x 12 x 8
  • MPN:DI23718
  • Model:23718K-Parent

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  • Includes mask, torso, cape, and hands.
  • Pants not included.

Editorial Reviews:
Get creative for next Halloween by ordering this Boy's LEGO Batman Costume. LEGO toys and superheroes go perfectly together! The Batman LEGO outfit will make you look just like the character as seen in his co-starring role in The LEGO Movie as well as main lead in The LEGO Batman Movie. You will receive an officially licensed outfit complete with all the markings and decoration to make you look like the caped crusader. There are some small parts to this item to keep out of reach of children. If your little one loves playing with action figures, building blocks, and dressing up as a hero, this LEGO Batman Costume is perfect for them. It can also be worn during all kinds of parties and themed events. Take a look at some of our other accessories and items to include with the order.