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ProSphere Women's Mount Miguel High School Maya Half Zip Long Sleeve (Apparel)

ProSphere Womens Mount Miguel High School Maya Half Zip Long Sleeve (Apparel)
Scarlet and Black
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  • Brand:ProSphere
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  • Color:Scarlet and Black
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  • Size:One Size
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  • HIGH-QUALITY fabric and construction. Reflective stretch tape along zipper. Chafe proof, NO PINCH, zipper garage. Sleeves have THUMBHOLE cuffs for added comfort. Stretch neck tape for COMFORT.
  • NEVER CRACKS, PEELS OR FADES. Sublimation inks are VIBRANT and have MAXIMUM COLOR FASTNESS. Full sublimation produces high quality apparel with 100% dye coverage.
  • Makes a GREAT GIFT for yourself or for others. Perfect for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Holidays and more. Great HOST GIFT for your next party with friends. Product images look great - but wait till you see it in person.
  • If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please contact us through Amazon. Our GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM is ready to help if needed. WE STAND BEHIND our product 100%. Experienced seller with MILLIONS of other products.

Editorial Reviews:
Premium Stretch-Fit Poly fabric Polyester / Spandex Lightweight for superior comfort Ideal stretch for premium movement control Brilliant colors Machine wash cold